We Serve Authentic Ethnic Food from Nigeria

At WaZoBia Foods & Pastries, our purpose is to produce high quality delicious food, cooked with fresh natural ingredients and authentic Nigerian flavours, and cater for sundry occasions and events- from Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Parties, to Corporate Meetings.

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota- U.S.A, 0ur obligation is to deliver outstanding services that meet our customers' expectations. We are able to achieve this with a seasoned team of culinary and hospitality experts, who are deployed to create memorable spread of indigenous dishes that is keen to the eye and tickles the taste bud. Our meals are made to also serve vegetarians and those with special nutritional need. We settle only for the best, and our menu proudly reflects the passion the drives our products.


WaZoBia Foods & Pastries' history originates from the beauty of communal living, where the responsibility to cook for a large family evolved into a desire to satisfy many, and the interest to meet the need for creative catering for various occasions.

It has been a journey worth the story, and we have remained competitive serving a collection of diverse clients of international orientation who love original Nigerian food cooked with fresh natural ingredients. Our business has grown through economic booms and a global lockdown, and in the course of 18 years we have established our value as a notable brand in Restaurant/ Food Manufacturing, Catering Services, and Food Distribution.

In the coming decades, we will continue to grow an enterprise that delivers Authentic Ethnic Food from Nigeria to our various customers, and develop innovative food products that add value to the industry, staying true to our core value of providing consumer-safe and delightful meal experience for our target market.

Our Vision

WaZoBia Foods & Pastries' vision is to be the most dominant Afro-centric catering company, creating memorable meal experiences for the international market by 2032.

Our Mission

WaZoBia Foods & Pastries' mission is to provide bespoke culinary delights that add value and serve the specific catering needs for our customers' occasion.

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